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Design Thinking -service design process

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Idea or challenge in business

You may have a business enhancement idea or a vague problem you would want to work on.

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Design Sprint

With the help of the Design Sprint, you can polish the concept into a diamond.

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With the help of service design, relevant solutions can be found at an early stage.

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Design Sprintstep by step


Pilot study

In the pilot study phase, as much information as possible is collected about the subject area and the whole concept. Then, based on preliminary research, the designer can better plan future workshops.



The workshop phase consists of intensive 1-3 day meetings. The workshops include tasks to be implemented together, which aim to find out in more detail, e.g., users, pain points, solutions, etc.


Setting the goals

Based on the insights of the workshop, the goals and limitations of the Design Sprint can be more precisely defined. At this stage, there is a more precise and detailed picture of the pain points to be worked on.



In the ideation phase, the aim is to find different creative solutions that facilitate the user's operation. At this stage, preliminary sketches and wireframes can already be made.


User interface designs

The designer creates user interface designs based on previous findings, insights, and ideas. The progress and state of the design work is regularly reviewed together.



A clickable prototype is created from the user interface designs. The prototype provides valuable information for users and experts about solutions and usability. In addition, a mechanism for getting early feedback is established with the prototype.

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With digital service design, you have a better chance of success.

Benefits of the Design Sprint process:
  • Innovative ideas that make business more efficient
  • Find the right solutions cost-effectively
  • Promotion of user-oriented functionalities
  • Support and specification for development
  • Estimating development costs become more manageable, and risks are reduced
  • Gives a better understanding of users and business
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Design Sprint 2 - 10 working days

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