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Reeta Lehto

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Research and product development expert, Project manager, M.A. in Educational Sciences
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Kalypso Filippou

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Research and product development expert, PhD. in Educational Sciences
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Research professionals are here to help you

We want to help our customers to find the best way to implement their research projects. Do you need help collecting, analysing or reporting data? Do you have data, but you are not sure how to analyse it or report it? Would you like to outsource an entire research project? You are at the right place! Contact us and we can offer you a variety of options on how to carry out your research project.

Research knowledge is nowadays widely used to support management, product development or marketing. It is essential to collect data with a planned, organised, and professional manner. In this case, the data collection is valid and reliable, and the outcome meets the research aims.

BeanBakers provide support for the implementation and design of research for collecting various types of data, both for small-scale and larger surveys. We always follow the latest scientific and ethical principles.

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Research process

Survey research

We specialize in conducting and planning various survey research projects. The survey often is a low-cost and substantially easy method to collect research data. Therefore, we pay additional attention to the careful planning of questionnaires to ensure that the survey concentrates on the correct dimensions.

We conduct wide-scale surveys from various themes. Additionally, we offer a survey check-up service, including feedback about your questionnaire.

Work wellbeing and employee experience

Work wellbeing is one of the critical components of success. It links to productivity, motivation, and devotion, and data about it give crucial information about employee experience related to the working environment, atmosphere, and practices.

All studies are tailored due to your company's unique needs to enable accurate analysis of the status of the work-wellbeing. The most used tools to measure and analyze employee experience are multiple-choice and open questionnaires. Other methods to use are workplace observations and interviews.

We have been developing our work-wellbeing questionnaire product, which we can utilize while planning different work-wellbeing and employee experience studies.

Customer satisfaction and experience

We conduct studies to measure customers' experiences with events, services, and products. Measuring customer experience is vital for further developing the products, events, and services and marketing them.

Customer satisfaction study provides viewpoints to recognize risks and find solutions. We use a variety of methods based on the needs. Sometimes the best solution is a simple digital survey, while a more in-depth interview might be the best way to get data in other cases.

Research consultation

We offer research consultation about all research-related matters. You can choose either a fixed consultation package or a more general-style discussion session. A successful research project consists of several minor factors, which might be crucial. In the consultation session, you will get advice, tips, and feedback about different stages of the research.

Qualitative research

Qualitative research is part of our services as well. The methods to use are usually interviews or observation. The qualitative setting suits well for small-scale projects where deep and detailed information is needed. For example, the professional development expectations interview study could be one. We would recognize the most significant development challenges and solutions to them.

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Research services

Together we can find the best solution for you.

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Consulting packages

Survey checkup

Survey check-up verifies your research instrument’s quality and ensures a successful data collection. Send us your survey questionnaire or for example an interview guide. We evaluate and check it and provide you with suggestions and comments

  • Evaluation of the research instrument
  • Review document including comments and suggestions
  • Feedback discussion 1-2 h
Open consultancy

Open-consultation gives you the opportunity to discuss any research area and topic with our Research Team. We give you specific solutions, suggestions, and answer any question you have to ensure your project’s success.

Contact us and let us know how many hours you would like to book for the consultancy session.

  • Discussion session about any research related topic


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