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BeanBakers is a trusted partner for building enterprise level web applications tailored to the customer’s needs. We have worked with some of the biggest companies in Finland as well as with solo entrepreneurs. Our happy clients include among others DigiOne, IF and Vaadin.

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What is a web application?

Web applications are web based software built around your company’s needs and used in a web browser. Web applications always have a backend system, where all the business logic and integrations to other systems are implemented. When an application is built on a web platform, it is easily accessible by simply navigating to the application’s address on the user’s web browser. From a mobile users perspective the application does not have to be installed from any app store nor does it need any manual updates, because web based applications are updated automatically without any required actions from the user.

A visually appealing and user friendly web application supports your business goals. It also works on all devices and operating systems from desktops to tablets and mobile phones. Maintenance is also easier compared to native applications since a single version of the application scales visually on all devices and thus does not require different versions for each device. In addition to hosting, web applications don’t require manual updating, since this is done automatically.

User interface has a huge impact

BeanBakers first and foremost invests in user interface design, because nowadays users think that a well designed interface is a no-brainer. By combining user interface design with user experience design, we produce visually stunning but at the same time technically high quality applications that support your business goals.

We are also our clients’ trusted partner in web application’s backend system and interface design and implementation. We offer our expertise in full deliveries and subcontracting.

Modern tools and sustainability

Our web applications are designed and developed by using technologies and tools that follow today’s standards. A well designed application is ensured to last longer, but also allows for easy updates in the future.

Our specialities include:

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We have worked with Finland's biggest enterprises as well as solo entrepreneurs. Our happy clients incude:

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System integrations

We design and implement system integrations that ensure that all your programs work smoothly together. When your company’s critical data runs through different systems automatically, your company saves valuable time.

  • Payment integrations
  • Data transmission systems
  • Testing automation

Software architecture

An experienced software architect is an invaluable part of any successful software development project. When enough thought is given to the architecture of your product, it is possible to build software of the highest quality.

  • Custom solutions
  • Modern technologies
  • High performance

User interface design

A well-designed user interface is visually appealing but also easy for the end user to learn and use. A bad user interface will give an unpleasant first impression of your application, which can in the worst case repel customers for good. A good user interface activates the users and backs your business goals.

  • Modern user interfaces
  • Mobile optimization
  • Excellent usability and accessibility

Consulting, partial delivery and subcontracting

Does your project need a reliable consultant that can handle software development, system integrations and user interface design? BeanBakers is your go-to choice! Our consultants are trusted by SMEs and larger enterprises.

  • No unnecessary recruiting
  • Better risk and resource management
  • Experts to boost your team

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